Tower of London Breaks

One of the UK’s top attractions, the Tower of London's got it all.

Visiting The Tower Of London

Founded in 1066 and built to show the Saxons who was boss, the Tower of London has become one of the iconic London landmarks. In its time it has housed a famous and colourful selection of prisoners including the Princes in the Tower, multiple wives and associates of Henry VIII, the young Elizabeth (prior to her coronation), Guy Fawkes, Samuel Pepys, Flora MacDonald, Rudolf Hess and even the Kray Twins.

Still home to the Crown Jewels today, at one time the Tower was also host to the Royal Mint. This as well as a royal menagerie including a polar bear (which used to catch fish in the Thames) plus tigers, leopards, alligators and lions. The admission cost was 1½ d or free if you took a cat or a dog to feed to the lions – thankfully things have progressed since then but the Tower is still sure to provide an entertaining day out!

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